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Stavros Michailidis

Founder & Principal

Stavros is an expert in innovation and business creativity. He empowers organizations to tackle difficult challenges and build competence in the 21st century skills necessary to survive and thrive in today's fast paced markets. An entrepreneur by nature, he has successfully undertaken both commercial and not-for-profit ventures. As founder of Innovation Bound, Stavros consults with global enterprises, academic institutions, government agencies & NGO's on their innovation initiatives and in creating valuable thought leadership. He conducts research and guest lectures at the University level and is a frequent presenter at innovation conferences. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Project Management and a Master of Science in Creative Studies. He also holds various professional certificates including a graduate certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership.

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Let's Talk About Failure - Innovation is not without risk, and this brings how we treat failure into question, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.